Homage to the Artist: Gauguin

Palms. Vibrancy. Culture.

At a black sanded beach you’re walking, the sand Tahiti is known for. The place seemed perfect to you, the blue lagoons with turquoise water. You come upon a coconut tree hut, you order a drink of choice while peering up to a thatched roof, absinthe on the rocks with a dash of extra bitters. Thanking your luck you sit, it is no mere seat. Gauguin is next to you and a conversation explodes into the spirit of color and nature and the very forefront of an artistic movement rises up over your absinthe. You think hard over what you have heard, pay your tab, and leave. Something about what he had said lingers with you. The B&L Collection emanates Impressionistic work of the movement. There’s a saying in the Art World, “I have needed all that time to reach the stage where I can say what I want to say.” The line is about making a statement while paying Homage to the Artist, Gauguin. Just like the painting titled “Eu Haere la Oe (Where Are You Going?)” the Gauguin Collection offers tropical fruit and flowers in ravishing hues of mango, peach, cherry, and pinks.

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