The adventure of nighttime possesses a very alluring quality that lots of us cannot deny. I often see that it encourages people to become light hearted, and explore the possibilities it withholds like a child would. There is nothing better than a good night out with a loved one or loved ones. It could simply be a delicious and relaxing meal in a warmly intimate setting. And then there are those wild nights that leave lasting impressions on all those who found themselves participating.

These are the kinds of nights that get me through those winding monotonous days of the same old. These types of nights inspire me to love, to live, and to especially laugh. Many types of laughter are to be heard fluttering from our mouthes. Maybe it was because of something we witnessed, a ridiculous thing that one of us has said, and often times it is just because of a mere look at one another.

What a wonderful feeling to experience those types of connections whether they be fleeting or long lasting. Both leave a savory buzz of joy humming over me, as I continue on with my quest for more.

Has anyone else felt nights like this?