Where It Started

Created over 35 years ago by two sisters, Lee and Aline, Binky & Lulu pays homage to the nicknames playfully given by their father. Inspired by their life in New England and travels to Mexico, Italy, Europe, and the Caribbean, the brand celebrates culture and the spirit of adventure through artisanal, hand-made designs. In 2015, Binky & Lulu relaunched under the direction of Lee and her daughter Brooke, continuing to draw from their art backgrounds to focus on avant-garde designs with heirloom potential.

Our Partners in the Philippines 

Binky & Lulu believes in the power of craftsmanship, which is evident by our commitment to working with the same Filipino family on each and every design for the past 35 years. Thanks to the artisans’ unmatched talent and ability to hand-paint, hand-carve, and produce prototypes unlike any other, Binky & Lulu is able to offer truly unique pieces that tell a story. We don’t design collections based on season, rather each piece is created for a specific need and remains a permanent part of our offering. We create jewelry for every mood and don’t limit ourselves to one style, which is why we’re happy to bring both maximalist and minimalist designs to our customers.