Seasonless styles _ designing weightless accessories in timeless and meaningful shapes, color and patterns focusing on providing consumers with heirloom pieces that will not be disposed of after the trend or season has passed.


Define Sustainability_:

“Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmentalism. Embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development.” -McGill

How do we practice sustainability as a business_?

B+L creates and produces based on demand. We create small bulk artisanal orders with our subcontracted makers in the Philippines. We are a season-less company, creating handmade accessories – Studying and perfecting core capsule collections, reducing the need to produce fast turnarounds of trending styles, with altering featured collections based on concept, not seasonal change.

B+L office is within a 5-mile radius to all team member’s homes, encouraging walking and biking to work, reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainably Sourced Materials_

Mango Tree Wood__:       

Mangifera indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the sumac and poison ivy family Anacardiaceae. It is native to the Indian subcontinent where it is indigenous. Hundreds of cultivated varieties have been introduced to other warm regions of the world. Our hoops are hand carved from Mango Tree Wood sourced from Mango Plantations.

      • “Responsible management of mango plantations adds to the sustainability of mango wood. Cut-down trees are immediately replaced, and only old, fruitless trees are harvested for wood.”
      • “The use of mango wood prevents teak and other endangered woods from being harvested from the wild.”
      • “Manufacturing of wood products provides additional revenue for mango farmers, supporting the local community.”
      • “Overall deforestation is reduced by using domestic mango wood.”
      • “Mango wood is relatively hard and dense and therefore very durable, requiring little to no maintenance.”
      • “Using the mango wood from cut-down trees reduces carbon emissions, because the wood is not left to rot (rotting wood produces carbon dioxide).”

Article on studies and statistics on the South America Mango Industry and the positive conclusions on sustainability.

“Research shows that industries like the mango products industry can have a potentially positive overall impact on atmospheric CO2 levels through carbon sequestration as a result of their growing operations. These data are seen as a first phase attempt to understand carbon dynamics within the mango forestry system of Mexico, and this preliminary analysis lays the foundation for a more detailed study of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration in the future, researchers note.”

Plastic Free Packaging__:

B+L uses minimal but enough packaging to ensure the safety of our accessories.

Glassine Packing - “Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper that’s made air, water and grease resistant through a process called supercalendering. After the paper is pressed and dried, it’s run through steel and fiber-covered cylinders that flatten the paper fibers so they’re all facing the same direction.” Finally, as they’re not waxed or chemically finished during manufacturing, glassine bags are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.” -The Packaging Company

“Biodegradable: A bag that will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass within a reasonable amount of time in a natural environment. Note that just because something is marked as biodegradable, it requires certain conditions to do so. Landfills lack microorganisms and organisms required for waste to degrade. And if it’s disposed of inside another container or plastic bag, biodegradation may not occur in a timely fashion.”

“Compostable: The EPA definition of compostable is an organic material that will decompose under a controlled biological process in the presence of air to form a humus-like material. Compostable products must biodegrade within a reasonable amount of time (a couple months) and produce no visible or toxic residues. Composting may occur in an industrial or municipal composting site or in a home composter.”

“Recyclable: A bag that can be collected and reprocessed to produce new paper. Paper recycling involves mixing the used paper materials with water and chemicals to break them down into cellulose (an organic plant material). The pulp mixture is strained through screens to remove any adhesives or other contaminants and then de-inked or bleached so it can be made into new recycled paper.”

-Ecology Packaging

Locally sourced _ Earring Cards_:

Earring cards sourced from print shop in Portsmouth, NH – die cut and printed locally. No carbon footprint of shipping. Supporting local businesses, cycling money back into the community.

U.S. Made Metal Components_:

Supporting U.S. workers and Component Making Industry based in Rochester, NY and Providence, RI.

International Artisan based Work_:

Supporting international communities based in the Philippines by working with highly skilled sub-contracted artisanal workers that set their own pricing. Fairly and Ethically paid.