Binky and Lulu

Miami Square Mini


Our Miami Square Minis - a delightful fusion of artistic flair and rich, deep purples that evoke the enchanting vibes of Miami's eclectic art scene. These earrings are dyed in a captivating deep purple hue and adorned with hand-painted dusky, light-purple checkered pattern, creating a unique and eye-catching design that effortlessly elevates your ensemble. The Miami Square Minis are the embodiment of creativity and sophistication, making them a stylish and dynamic addition to your jewelry collection.

Vintage Tile, a hand-painted checkered pattern on our sculptural Square Mini hoop. Paired hues inspired by dreamy vacations, because the Square Mini is the perfect accessory to travel with.

  • Mango Wood
  • 14k Gold-Filled Posts
  • Designed by Binky and Lulu
  • Made by Filipino Artisans 

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