Values. We believe in the power of craftsmanship to be evident in each and every BL design.

Create. Inspiration sourced from nature, popular culture, travels art periods and life experiences. All designs created in-house by our small team based in New Hampshire and Maine.

Handmade. Ethically handmade by Filipino Artisans, employed by our partners, A Woman Owned Filipino Company.

Heirlooms. Truly unique pieces that hold a story. Seasonless fashion created by demand.

Small-batch Production. Less is more. We produce capsule and new designs by watching stock levels and studying demand, to successfully avoid over-production and waste. 

Capsule Designs. Three different sizes and a broad range of hues. Our capsule collections designs are not based on trend, rather as keep-forever pieces. Each hue remains a permanent part of our offering to be worn for years through any season.

Featured Collections. Small collections and new styles. Inspired by the current moment, nature, popular culture, travels, art periods and life experiences.

Retiring Hues. We retire hues. Sometimes we retire a hue based on waning demand, cannot perfect the color and/or to make room for the new.

Sourcing. We can't make everything, so we responsibly source. Local made Earring Cards, USA made Gold Posts and Compostable Materials. 

No Plastic Packaging. Seemingly perfect and inexpensive packaging in unsavory materials is a sacrifice we can make.

Wholesale. Paper-stock Earring Cards. Paper-stock Brand Cards. Glassine Envelopes for Protection from Outside Elements. Tissue Paper. Brown Paper. Cardboard.

Retail. Paper Earring Cards. Tissue Paper. Branded Ribbon Cardboard Pull Box. Paper-stock Card Cards.

Small-batch production, slow fashion methods, and an ethical partnership with unmatched talent of Filipino artisans are commitments that allow us to successfully perform within our brand's values and make high-quality accessories.