Binky and Lulu

Frank Large Chunk Hoop


Our Frank Large Chunk Hoops - a tantalizing fusion of rich, slightly muted red tones that evoke the warmth and depth of a well-seasoned spice. These earrings exude a sophisticated charm, effortlessly elevating any outfit to a new level of style. With a touch of artistic flair, the Frank Large Chunk Hoops introduce a unique and versatile accessory to your collection, perfect for infusing your look with a hint of understated allure.

The captivating red hue of our Frank Large Hoops is reminiscent of the warmth and depth found in spices like paprika or cinnamon. Add a touch of classic beauty and flavor to your ensemble and make a statement that's both bold and comforting. With its Mini, Small, and Large size options, you can choose the perfect fit to complement your personal style.

Featured in our Chunk Hoop Design. Style up or down, The Chunk Hoop easily elevates any outfit to a desired state of laissez faire. Crafted from weightless mango wood that you can effortlessly wear, it's the essence of woodwear – a versatile accessory suited for every occasion.

  • Mango Wood
  • 14k Gold-Filled Posts
  • Designed by Binky and Lulu
  • Made by Filipino Artisans 

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