Binky and Lulu

Leather Weekender Square Mini


Our Leather Weekender Square Minis - a timeless and versatile accessory that epitomizes sophistication and style. These earrings are designed to effortlessly elevate any ensemble with their rich leather hue, offering an understated yet luxurious touch to your look. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Leather Weekender Square Minis are the epitome of enduring elegance, making them an essential addition to your jewelry collection.

The rich leather hue of our best-selling Leather Weekender Square Minis exudes an air of classic refinement, reminiscent of well-crafted leather goods that only get better with time. These hoops embody the essence of effortless style and enduring quality, ensuring they remain a go-to choice for any occasion.

Square Mini, because our classic hoops needed a partner in crime. Retro, timeless and architecturally angled. Wood that you can wear, woodwear. 

  • Mango Wood
  • 14k Gold-Filled Posts
  • Designed by Binky and Lulu
  • Made by Filipino Artisans 

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