Binky and Lulu

Tangerine Floret


Our Tangerine Floret Hoop, a burst of vibrant color that exudes lively charm. Dyed in a captivating tangerine tone, these hoops capture the zest and energy of a sun-kissed tangerine grove. Crafted with meticulous precision and attention to detail, these earrings are designed to enhance your style with their bold and spirited hue. The vibrant tangerine tone adds a pop of vivacious elegance to your ensemble, making these hoops the perfect choice for adding an invigorating statement to any look. Embrace the zestful allure of the Tangerine Floret Hoop and let your style radiate with its dynamic charm.

The Floret, multi-dynamic mango wood petaled hoops, meticulously crafted. A delicate work of art that blossoms into an exquisite flower shape with hand-carved petals.

  • Mango Wood
  • 14k Gold-Filled Posts
  • Designed by Binky and Lulu

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